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May 2015

It's common to see the words SEER and HSPF in heating and air conditioning devices these days. These words are very important; they represent efficiency measurements that can tell you whether or not a machine is energy-efficient and will save you money.

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April 2015

Owning a home comes with many responsibilities. You ensure that your property is clean and appealing. You purchase homeowners insurance and make sure you lock your doors at night and when you are gone. You pay your HOA dues on time and loan tools to your neighbors.

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March 2015

Over the years homeowners have found that hiring professionals for any type of HVAC maintenance and repairs is a must. It can be a costly mistake to hire a company or individual with limited knowledge and experience to do a job that requires a professional.

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June 2014

Many homeowners today are environmentally conscious and want to maintain an energy efficient home. Others know that energy efficiency means less cost on Home Energy Costs.

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October 2013

Why Is Air Conditioning Refrigerant So Expensive?

If you have an older air conditioning system, chances are that an air conditioning company has added refrigerant to it. If this was within the past couple of years, then you were probably very shocked when you saw the price per pound.

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September 2013

What is a fall tune-up, and why do I need one?

In San Antonio the air conditioning usually gets all the attention. We need it for a much longer period of time, and San Antonio is just about unbearable without central ac.

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August 2013

As with everything else, the decision to get Radiant Barrier depends on a few factors.

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July 2013

Finding a great heating and air conditioning contractor is a vital step to achieving peace of mind as a home owner.

The most important step is finding a heating and air conditioning contractor before you need one in an emergency.

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December 2012

Thank you to everyone who left feed back for Clean Air Heating & Air Conditioning on Angie's List. We have been selected for the 2012 Super Service Award!

More interesting articles on heating and air conditioning here.

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August 2012

Here are a few opinions on the matter:

CPS Energy:  "Check your air filter every month, especially during the summer and winter, and replace dirty filters that make your system work harder and waste energy." 

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