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Over the years homeowners have found that hiring professionals for any type of HVAC maintenance and repairs is a must. It can be a costly mistake to hire a company or individual with limited knowledge and experience to do a job that requires a professional. In 1997 an organization named NATE created a method that home and business owners can use to distinguish a professional HVAC technician from one that is not certified in the industry.

What does NATE certified mean?

This method is done by testing and certifying eligible technicians. It means that an individual has taken extensive testing and has proven that they are knowledgeable with HVAC technologies. Through several different tests, technicians can prove that they are skilled and that they are capable of making an accurate diagnosis of both older and modern HVAC systems.

NATE certified technicians are professionals that have received an extensive education in the heating and air conditioning field. This means that a NATE certified HVAC technician can be trusted to fully diagnose, provide maintenance to, and install HVAC equipment of any kind. These efficient technicians are also dedicated to serving consumers with excellence.

When there are problems with a heating and air conditioning system, no homeowner wants an unskilled person to make the diagnosis. NATE certification helps consumers to discern which companies or technicians are professional. In keeping with high standards, NATE requires that every certified technician become skilled and proficient with the latest equipment on the market. To enforce this NATE mandates that certificate holders gain the knowledge they need about new developments.

What is NATE certification?

Technicians are required to take updated tests to prove they are adept with modern HVAC technologies in order to keep their NATE certifications in good standing. It is wonderful to know that homeowners can rely upon this organization to ensure that employees in the HVAC industry are continuing to offer reliable service based upon their knowledge. Now armed with the answer to what is NATE certification, be sure to only use certified technicians.

Each year our heating and cooling systems become more worn, some become outdated. Having a professional do an inspection and tune up is highly recommended each season.

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