Olmos Park, San Antonio, TX Heating and Air Conditioning Services

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Originally developed as an exclusive San Antonio Neighborhood, Olmos Park is one of the San Antonio area’s oldest and most historic districts. Highly affluent, and filled with historic and classical home designs, there are over 800 single family homes in the area with most being valued anywhere from $500,000 to $1,000,000! The residents of Olmos Park are very friendly and the area is very sought-after by families for its proximity to downtown San Antonio, and its small-town feeling.

Olmos Park is one of our favorite service areas at Clean Air Heating and Air Conditioning; filled with so many large and historic houses, it offers us the opportunity to really flex our HVAC skills and continue our custom design/build HVAC solutions. Older homes can get drafty, dusty, or have hot and cold spots; some homes in the area don’t even have HVAC systems, or have aging systems that were installed decades ago. We know that we can be the best HVAC service option for owners of historic homes, and newer homes as well; we can perform any HVAC service from minor repairs and maintenance to full heating and air conditioning system replacement.

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Olmos Park, San Antonio, TX Duct Sealing Services

Duct Sealing is one of the top service call types we receive from the Olmos Park area; again, many of the homes in the area are older homes and were not built to be as energy efficient and sealed as today’s counterparts, therefore we recommend a full home audit to see where the inefficiencies and leaks are in the home, and then we get right to sealing those leaks and fixing inefficiencies. Not only does this service leave your home more comfortable, but you save money by not letting all of that treated air simply leak out of the house and vanish.

Olmos Park, San Antonio, TX Heating and Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

We at Clean Air Heating and Air Conditioning are experts at installing and replacing numerous brand, makes and models of heating and cooling systems. We offer high efficiency money-saving furnaces, heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps and air conditioning units at a great price, and we can install and set up all systems for you.

We Offer Heating and Air Conditioning Products from the Following HVAC Manufacturers:

  • Carrier©
  • Mitsubishi©
  • Bosch©
  • Lennox©
  • TRANE©

Olmos Park, San Antonio, TX Home Indoor Air Quality Testing and Products for Improvement

Clean Air Heating and Air Conditioning technicians will almost always suggest an indoor air quality test for homes in the Olmos Park area; not only for historic homes, but all homes – new and old. The reason is due to the close proximity to the downtown area. While San Antonio has some of the cleanest skies in the country – for a metropolitan city – the fact remains that a higher amount of pollution will likely seep into your home heating and air conditioning systems. As for older and historic homes, those homes were built during times when homebuilders were still using products and materials that we now know to be hazardous to humans. Be safe and order our IAQ audit and testing to see what contaminates or allergens may be floating around in your home.

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