Terrell Hills, San Antonio, TX Heating and Air Conditioning

terrell hills

A wealthy suburb of the Greater San Antonio, TX area, Terrell Hills is a community named for Doctor Frederick Terrell who was the mayor of San Antonio in 1901, and a former banker in the city. Doctor Frederick Terrell sold 22.5 acres of his land to “The Terrell Hills Community,” a private associate that wished to build a community. A fairly older neighborhood, Terrell Hills is still hotly sought after by real estate purchasers, and is one of the most booming of real estate markets in the San Antonio area.

While the homes in the Terrell Hills area are not as old as the surrounding areas, Terrell Hills homes average over 50 years old, and a good portion of those have heating and air conditioning systems that are about that old as well. We love to bring our HVAC services to Terrell Hills, because we never know what we are going to get with the HVAC service calls in the area. Most service calls to Terrell Hills offer unique challenges, which we gladly except and flex our custom design/build qualifications


Terrell Hills, San Antonio, TX Heating and Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation

As we said, we have seen some very aged HVAC systems in the Terrell Hills are, and even a few homes with no modern air conditioning system whatsoever. If this sounds like your homes HVAC situation, we implore you to call us at Clean Air Heating and Air Conditioning for our top selection of high efficiency HVAC systems and products, as well as our professional installation and replacement services.

Carrier© Brand HVAC Products We Offer in Terrell Hills, TX

  • Carrier© Heating Systems
  • Carrier© Air Conditioners
  • Carrier© Ductless Systems
  • Carrier© Evaporator Coils
  • Carrier© Fan Coils
  • Carrier© Gas Furnaces
  • Carrier© Oil Furnaces
  • Carrier© Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Carrier© Heat Pumps
  • Carrier© Indoor Air Quality Products
  • Carrier© Controls and Thermostats

Mitsubishi© Brand HVAC Products We Offer in Terrell Hills, TX

  • Mitsubishi© Heating Systems
  • Mitsubishi© Air Conditioning Systems
  • Mitsubishi© Ductless HVAC Systems
  • Mitsubishi© Mini Split HVAC Systems

Terrell Hills, San Antonio, TX Indoor Air Quality Testing and Improvement

We highly recommend this service for all of our Terrell Hills area clients! Older homes are more susceptible to issues with indoor air quality for several reasons. Firstly, if your home is older than 30 years you may have an issue with dangerous materials inside of the building or walls that can easily permeate your air systems and get blown around the house. Additionally, dust and contaminates can also easily make their way into the ductwork and get circulated as well. Our Indoor Air Quality testing will see what exactly is in the air of your home, and then work to give your home IAQ a clean bill of health.

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