Overall Indoor Air Comfort. Radiant Barrier HVAC Insulation and Sealing

We install high quality radiant barrier foil in the greater San Antonio area. We have tested most major manufacturers' radiant barrier foil to find the highest quality foil available. It does not tear, wear out, and blocks 95-97% of radiant heat.  The radiant barrier foil we use is manufactured in the United States (in Texas).

Oak Ridge National Laboratory estimates the average home in San Antonio and in our climate zone would save $150-$200 dollars per year. View the Study From Oak Ridge Laboratory on the Effectiveness of Radiant Barrier Technology >>

Radiant Barrier Foil Installation for HVAC Systems

We only install Radiant Barrier foil.  Through our experience, we have noticed the spray radiant barrier installation can be less than perfect.  If the paint isn't sprayed on thick enough or evenly then you won't get the full benefits.  Even with a good installation of the spray, only around 85% of the radiant heat is blocked.  The radiant barrier foil blocks 95-97% of radiant heat.  The foil radiant barrier is more time consuming to install, but it is much easier to tell if it is installed correctly.  With the foil installation it is easier to tell if the product was installed correctly than it is with the spray on radiant barrier.  With the foil it's either installed or it's not installed.

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