HVAC Thermostats & Controls Bring Maximum Efficiency

In the past, thermostats typically had very few options, and those options were somewhat cumbersome to try to personalize. So, people are generally not used to thinking about all of the flexibility and energy saving options that are now available to them. Today’s thermostats and controllers bring maximum customization, remote control, and energy efficiency; all with simple, intuitive screens that anybody can use. By customizing things such as humidity control, temperature adjustment while the family is away from home, and by managing multiple climate zones in the home, you can have the maximum energy efficiency in your home, saving you money every single day.

Our products are not just designed to bring you comfort. Most are covered by extended year warranties and will be helping you save money for years to come. In fact, on average, a homeowner will save about $100 annually by using a programmable thermostat. In most cases, programmable thermostats pay for themselves in two years or less, and continue to provide savings long after that.

The Best Thermostat Brands For Your HVAC System

Clean Air Heating and Air Conditioning carries the very best thermostats on the market. We are authorized dealers of the following brands:

Carrier Thermostats and Controls

Carrier has been a leading brand in air conditioning since 1912. We carry a wide range of Carrier products, including their exceptional Infinity Touch control; the only system in the world to configure seamlessly into existing home automation systems.

Lennox Thermostats and Controls

Lennox systems are consistently rated as some of the most reliable and energy efficient air conditioning systems nationwide. The iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat gives our customers a perfect way to control their environments, no matter where they are. It is a perfect companion to Lennox’s energy efficient air conditioning models.

Mitsubishi Thermostats and Controls

To provide its customers with the highest quality controls, Mitsubishi has partnered with Honeywell, a leader in the HVAC control industry. That partnership brings exceptional features such as secure signals, interference-free signals that won’t be effected by other wireless systems in your home, and wireless signals that transmit throughout the home, through concrete, brick and other building materials.


Trane has been producing top quality air conditioning units for over 100 years, and they are leading the way still in thermostats and temperature control products. Their ComfortLink and ComfortLink II controls bring excellent customization and energy efficiency.

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