San Antonio Authorized Trane HVAC Dealer

Trane is one of the most trusted names in the HVAC industry. They have been in business for over 100 years and have been creating innovative products since their beginning. While other companies are putting together HVAC units using parts freely available to the industry, Trane is creating parts of their own, issuing patents, and constantly challenging the entire industry to think bigger. Then, those parts and units are put through rigorous tests in their Tyler, TX facility, going through the harshest tests imaginable and simulating years of wear and tear in a matter of months. Their innovations have earned them accolades such as “The Year’s Most Transformative Products” from Popular Mechanics.

At Clean Air Heating and Air Conditioning, we are proud to be authorized Trane dealers.

Trane Two-Stage Air Conditioning And Heating Units Are Reliable And Efficient

Years ago, most HVAC units had a single-stage compressor. They either were fully on or fully off. This kind of unit is incredibly inefficient, especially for the climate where we live. In San Antonio, we rarely reach temperatures where we need our air conditioners running at full capacity. Many homes, especially older homes, still have these types of units, and day after day, month after month, they are throwing money out the window on high utility bills.

Trane’s HVAC units rely on two-stage compressors. This allows the units to turn on initially at 30-70% capacity. And if needed, they have a second stage which allows them to operate at a full 100% capacity. This kind of HVAC system helps keep the climate in your home just right while saving you money. Oh, and did we mention that Trane is the only major manufacturer to offer a 12 year warranty on their compressors? That is quality that you can trust to keep you comfortable.

Trane Leak Resistant HVAC Products

Trane has also addressed one of the biggest problems in the HVAC industry: evaporator coil leaks. One of the innovations that Trane has pioneered is the all-aluminum spine fin outdoor coil. In 2005, Trane introduced this coil, and now every one of Trane’s products has one. And since that time, their track record has been excellent. Other brands have been following suit, but haven’t quite caught up.

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