Mitsubishi air conditioning with a ductless mini split system

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Clean Air Heating & Air Conditioning offers air conditioning and heating service in the San Antonio, TX area. We offer Heating & Air Conditioning solutions guaranteed to fulfil your air quality and heating needs. Our certified and insured technicians install, service and repair heating and cooling equipment from a variety of manufacturers.


We provide and install equipment from a variety of manufacturers, including Carrier, Bosch Geothermal, Mitsubishi, Trane and Lennox among other brands of HVAC equipment.Your heater, furnace, filter, air conditioner and heat pumps deserve professional, experienced technicians.


We employ licensed technicians and installers to handle your equipment installation, repair and maintenance. Our technicians will assess your equipment's condition, and your HVAC needs in order to make recommendations based on experience. The courtesy and professionalism that our staff exhibit encourages trust and helps you feel comfortable enough to ask any question you have about your HVAC needs and equipment.


Our services comprise HVAC equipment installation, repair and maintenance service. With our knowledge of the best products in the market, as well as our qualified technicians, you can rest assured we will recommend a suitable equipment and install it appropriately; for long term, efficient service. We, also conduct repairs of minor faults on your HVAC equipment as well as offer regular maintenance of your equipment to ensure it keeps running efficiently.

Products Offered


These systems are among the top of the line products that can be chosen for homeowners. Their brands of thermostat controls will be able to offer you the versatile customization of any level of heating, cooling, general fan speed, humidity control, and more advanced features can even help you figure out when you need to replace your filter. The system is highly energy efficient and comes with additional utility through their ability to be controlled by any internet device.


Our services include the installation of this company's unique brand of mini splits. Each manufactured unit is done so to the highest industry standard, to ensure that customers will enjoy the best in air conditioning experiences. This line of products meets and exceeds all standards through the carefully maintained requirements of the MEQ program. Comfortable utility, highly maintained energy efficiency, and long lasting durability are all important aspects of the program and the services that this unique line can provide.

Bosch Geothermal

We install this company's unique line of geothermal heat pumps that operate by making use of the constant temperatures under the earth to both heat and cool water as appropriate. Most conventional systems focus on cooling through the air, which is subject to various climate and conditional changes. However, the earth makes for a much more reliable heat sink, and will provide a better established level of equilibrium throughout.


Our company is proud to say that we are able to install all HVAC systems tied with this powerful brand. Systems that are provided by this company maintain a consistently high rating as reliable cooling and heating systems. All of their products surpass EPA standards while promising to provide your home with the exact level of comfort that it needs.


With a business that has been successfully running for more than a century, this company is able to provide a wide variety of powerful heating and conditioning solutions. Each part of their systems are put under the most stressful of conditions in order to ensure that the system as a whole will be able to provide long lasting utility for customers.

If you are interested in energy efficient heating & air conditioning solutions, look no further than Clean Air Heating & Air Conditioning. Our company carries the top brands of high efficiency HVAC systems that can help you maintain a more comfortable environment in your home. If you would like to maximize your energy efficiency or simply improve your indoor air quality, looking into our services can be an excellent way for you to find a new system that is both highly efficient and easy to use. For more information on our products and services, and to schedule our services, call us, Clean Air Heating & Air Conditioning, at 210-625-5801.